The Parker Grace Tea Room began in 1994 when Laurie McBride had a dream to open a tea room with a scratch kitchen and a romantic, charming overall experience.

After running tea rooms in both Ohio and Tennessee, Indiana is Laurie's third state to open a tea room.

In July of 2021 Laurie sold the tea room to the young entrepreneur Sarah Minier. Sarah worked along side Laurie her senior year of high school and took over full ownership a month after graduating high school.

Nestled in historic and beautiful Roanoke, the Parker Grace Tea Room is filled with gorgeous artifacts that not only create an elegant and charming atmosphere, but also communicate rich story and history. Built in 1855, she has transformed the oldest existing home in Roanoke into an enchanting get-away. Surround yourself with china, crystal, story, and good company.

Patio seating is now available for open air dining - enjoy the sights and sounds of Roanoke as you dine.

Vintage Chandeliers

Our crystal chandeliers are a guest favorite. These French beauties date back to the 1950s and give our tea room an elegant, luxurious glow.

Handmade Mantel

Our enchanting mantel was hand-crafted by our owner. We love the fine detail and victorian feel this piece brings to our space.

Cassidy's Table

Our owner's granddaughter, Cassidy, has her own special table in our tea room. Adorned with art pieces that are representative of the countless drawings Cassidy has made for her grandmother, this table is always open to sweet Cassidy to share sugary treats with grandma.

Vintage Floral Paintings

Our tea room is filled with vintage oil paintings collected throughout the life span of our owner. We love the homey and elegant touch these works of art bring to the space!

Sister Shelf

This shelf is filled with gifts from our owner's sisters. We love the Williamsburg Wedgewood shelf and many of the pieces sent from Houston, Texas!

Marie Antoinette Dessert Stand

Often credited with the famous quote, "Let them eat cake," our unique Marie Antoinette dessert stand holds all kinds of our favorite goodies. Antoinette was the last queen before the French Revolution and was known for her choices in wardrobe and jewelry.

Mother's Table

One of our most cherished pieces, this table was used for Sunday meals for decades by our owner's family. A passed on gift from her mother, this table brings many memories of love and community to our tea room.

This table is in loving memory of Sarah’s dad Brandon Minier.

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